Q:What are excellent resources for diabetes cookbooks and recipes?

A: There are many excellent diabetes cookbooks and resources for diabetes recipes available today.

When it comes to cookbooks you'll find a wide array of books, covering topics such as putting quick meals together to gourmet cooking, vegetarian cooking and many ethnic fares. I recommend that you have one or two general diabetes cookbooks on your bookshelf. These books can help you when you are getting started with diabetes meal planning and can offer you new recipes when your ideas run dry. A resource for excellent cookbooks is the American Diabetes Assocation.

Today the world wide web is also filled with more healthy recipes than you'll ever have time to cook. Search for websites that offer recipes for people with diabetes or for people interested in eating healthier. Reality is that healthy recipes are just what people with diabetes need because the food and eating recommendations for people with diabetes are the same as the general public. Find a couple of online resources for recipes in my links.

Recipes in cookbooks or available online usually provide the nutrition information which helps you decide if the recipe fits into your eating plan.

Hope Warshaw