Q:What are portion control strategies you can apply in restaurants?

A: Check out these portion control strategies and start applying as soon as you eat your next restaurants meal. You'll find specific portion control tips for fast food restaurants (link) and ethnic restaurants (link). Also learn many more portion control tips and tactics in my books about healthy restaurant eating:

Portion control strategies:

  • Watch for the words that mean smaller portions: small, regular, junior, petite vs. large portions: jumbo, supreme, grande, giant, BIG.
  • Practice portion control from the get-go. Take care to order small portions, split and share menu items and more so you don't get more food in front of you than you should be eating...most of the time you can eat more than you should.
  • Split items. Often ordering one dish is enough for two. Example: order one personal pizza and share a salad. Splitting works well for desserts too. Sometimes you need four spoons or forks.
  • Share. Order items that complement each other and help you eat more balanced meals. Example: in an Italian restaurant, one person order pasta the other a veal or chicken entrĂ©e. Then split them down the middle.
  • Choose from salads, appetizers, soups and/or a la carte menu items. Request that one, such as a salad, be served as an appetizer (if your dining partners are eating appetizers) and another, such as soup or an appetizer, is served as a main course.
  • Don't forget those take home containers aka "doggie bags" for leftovers. A word to the wise-put away your leftovers before you dig in.



Hope Warshaw