Quotes & Articles

Warshaw's article, Artificial Pancreas Research: Insights for Application, appears in CPT Corner (12/11)

Warshaw's article, Artificial Pancreas Research: Insights for Applications, appears in Insulet's (OmniPod Pump Management System), December issue of their CPT Corner newsletter. The article discusses how learnings from current artificial pancreas systems research can be applied in pump use today.

EatSmart with Hope Warshaw, Quantia Communications Wins Web Health Award, Summer/Fall 2011

Summer/Fall Web Health Awards have been announced and Warshaw/Quantia Communication's mobile app EatSmart with Hope Warshaw won a Bronze Award. See the complete list of award winners. To learn more see the press release about EatSmart, the innovative mobile app for diabetes meal planning.

Warshaw's article, Insulet's Role in Artificial Pancreas Research: Part 1, appears in CPT Corner newsletter

Warshaw's article in Insulet's (OmniPod Pump Management System), CPT Corner newsletter, describes the company's role in the progression towards a real-world artificial pancreas. The article, Insulet's Role in Artificial Pancreas Research, appears in the October 2011 issue.

Guest blog on Life of a Diabetic - Diabetes Education/Educators: Who, What, Where and How?

Diabetes blogger, Chris Stocker, invited Warshaw to guest blog on Life of a Diabetic during November, diabetes month. The blog, titled Diabetes Education and Educators: Who, What, Where and How? provides answers to the basic questions: Who does diabetes education? What is diabetes education? Where you can get diabetes education?

Warshaw's article Dropping Pounds for Good published in Diabetic Living, Fall 2011 issue

Diabetic Living, Better Homes and Garden's special interest diabetes magazine, published Warshaw's article Dropping Pounds for Good in the Fall 2011 issue. This article answers the frustrating question of why weight returns once it is shed. The article goes on to detail actions that research has shown to be keys to success to keep lost pounds at bay for the long haul.

Warshaw quoted in "Dispelling Long Held Myths about Diabetes" in Erickson Communities online newsletter

The article "Dispelling Long Heold Myths about Diabetes" was recently published in Erickson Living, the online newsletter of the Erickson senior living communities. The article quotes Warshaw and several other diabetes experts in an effort to help seniors dispel common myths about the care and management of type 2 diabetes.  


Warshaw authors article for Insulet (OmniPod) on Teaching PWD to Build Their Personal Carb Database to Maximize Carb Accuracy

Insulet, the makers of hte OmniPod insulin pump management system publish the CPT Corner, a newsletter for their pump trainers. The July edition contains an article written by Warshaw titled: Teach Patients to Build a Personal Carb Counts Database to Maximize Carb Counting Accuracy. Warshaw's message is that most people actually eat a narrow vs. long list of foods. Yes, we're creatures of habit!

Warshaw interviewed by Diabetescare.net as part of Up Close with Diabetes Educators series

Warshaw is interviewed by John Parkinson, writer with diabetescare.net, in his Up Close series with Diabetes Educators. In the interview Warshaw addresses two topics, today's challenges for diabetes educators and the Complexities of Helping People Eat Healthier.


Warshaw quoted in Energy Times story, "Surviving the Restaurant Meal"

Warshaw is quoted in the June issue of Energy Times in the story, "Surviving the Restaurant Meal". The well written story offers readers insights and strategies to choose restaurants with healthier offerings and to choose healthier items once they've stepped across the restaurant's threshold.