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Warshaw quoted in QualityHealth article about Prediabetes

Warshaw's expertise as author of Diabetes Meal Planning Made Easy, 4th ed (American Diabetes Association) used by New York Daily New writer, Rosemary Black on story for Quality Health website titled Just Diagnosed with Pre-Diabetes?, What Should You Do.

Warshaw's articles on BBQ and Heart Disease published in Diabetic Living, Summer 2010

Warshaw has two articles published in Diabetic Living's Summer 2010 issue. Article one, Barbecue Your Way, focuses on the how tos of enjoying BBQ, whether from North Carolina to Kansas City, or Texas...just a little bit healthier. Article two, Heart Smart from the Start, connects the dots between diabetes and heart disease and details 7 actions steps for heart (and diabetes) health.

Warshaw quoted in 12 Simple Ways to Fight Prediabetes, www.healthywomen.org

Warshaw quoted in article 12 Simple Ways to Fight Prediabetes on woman's health website, a top rated website by O, Oprah's magazine. Warshaw notes, "There's a cascade of events (in your body) that starts to happen as you put on excess pounds.

Warshaw quoted in Eat Out for Less (Calories!), Health Magazine and health.com

Tip #1 Make a Split Decision..."Or try the one fewer trick, says Hope Warsahaw, RD, author of Eat Out, Eat Right: for four people, order threes dishes and a side salad...and split everything."

Eat Out Eat Right Among Chicago Now's 'My Favorite Diet & Nutrition Books'

Warshaw's best-selling book Eat Out, Eat Right makes Chicago Now blogger Jenna Bell, PhD, RD's list of 'My Favorite Diet & Nutrition Books' in her 1/15/10 Eat Right Around Chicago column. See Bell's list of favorite books and read her short reviews.

Warshaw quoted in WebMD story "How to Design Your Own Diet"

Warshaw is quoted along with several other RD authors in WebMD story posted 12/10/09 How to Design Your Own Diet. The story, written by dietitian Elizabeth Ward, offers strategies to figure out a personalized weight loss plan based on individual needs vs. a one-size-fits-all eat this, not that approach. Warshaw is quoted on the topic of healthy restaurant eating and author of Eat Out, Eat Right.

Warshaw joins team of dietitians blogging on HEALTHSIMPLE COMMUNITY's facebook page

Warshaw joins group of high profile dietitians/nutrition experts to blog on the HEALTHSIMPLE Community's facebook. This community is dedicated to supporting people's efforts to make the all important behavior changes to live healthier and healthfully. Warshaw's blogs deal with current food, eating and nutrition dilemmas for which she offers commonsense and practical solutions.

Diabetic Living, Winter 2009 issue offers 3 articles written by Warshaw

Diabetic Living magazine, published by Better Homes and Gardens, offers three articles written by Warshaw in the just released Winter 2009 issue.