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Warshaw joins team of dietitians blogging on HEALTHSIMPLE COMMUNITY's facebook page

Warshaw joins group of high profile dietitians/nutrition experts to blog on the HEALTHSIMPLE Community's facebook. This community is dedicated to supporting people's efforts to make the all important behavior changes to live healthier and healthfully. Warshaw's blogs deal with current food, eating and nutrition dilemmas for which she offers commonsense and practical solutions.

Diabetic Living, Winter 2009 issue offers 3 articles written by Warshaw

Diabetic Living magazine, published by Better Homes and Gardens, offers three articles written by Warshaw in the just released Winter 2009 issue.

Warshaw quoted in Diabetes Myths Busted on lifescript.com

Article, Diabetes Myths Busted, on lifescript.com quotes Warshaw on topics from Is losing weight the cure for type 2? to Are snacks a must for people with diabetes, and Is it OK to eat sweets if your blood glucose is too low. Warshaw offers more practical and up-to-date advice for people with diabetes in her books.

Eat Out, Eat Right is Book of the Month on superkidsnutrition.com

Check out an extensive interview with Warshaw on superkidsnutrition.com covering: helping kids develop healthy eating habits, the importance of role modeling healthy behaviors (monkey see, monkey do), and steps families can take to prevent type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes Daily launches Newly Diagnosed Week with Interview with Warshaw

Diabetes Daily, a popular and growing online information resource and blog, launched their week of content for people newly diagnosed with diabetes with an interview with Warshaw about her latest book Real Life Guide to Diabetes.

ADA offers healthy on the run breakfast tips to promote Warshaw's Guide to Healthy Restaurant Eating

American Diabetes Association posts healthy tips for breakfast on the run in Double-shot, Skinny Breakfast -- No Whip as part of a recent e-newsletter broadcast to thousands. These tips are excerpted from Warshaw's new and improved 4th ed of Guide to Healthy Restaurant Eating.

Warshaw's interview on AARP's Prime Time Radio aired and archived

Warshaw was interviewed on Ways to Integrate Diabetes Care into Your Life on AARP's Prime Time Radio show hosted by Mike Cuthbert to promote her newest book Real Life Guide to Diabetes. Cuthbert, who has pre-diabetes, notes, "One good test of a diabetes book is whether you can learn something new from it.

Warshaw revamps Hope's Books to link to amazon.com for best prices

Warshaw relaunched her revamped Hope's Books pages to enable visitors to more easily access details about her books and quickly link to amazon.com for the best prices from a trusted source.