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Warshaw's NutriZines appearing now on PRESENTdiabetes.com

Warshaw’s NutriZines appear on PRESENTdiabetes.com, a free online community for health care providers interested in diabetes, offering free approved Continuing Education opportunities, options to network with colleagues globally through e-talk and receive NutriZine and other e-zines written by diabetes experts.

Warshaw quoted in U.S. News and World Report Fiber Story

Warshaw quoted as author of Real Life Guide to Diabetes and consultant to National Starch Food Innovation, manufacturers of Hi-maize natural resistant starch from high-amylose corn, in sidebar titled Fiber Sources: Soluble, Insoluble and Beyond.

Real Life Guide to Diabetes Hot Off the Press

Warshaw’s newest book Real Life Guide to Diabetes published by the American Diabetes Association, is out and receiving wide attention and praise in the media. Warshaw is granting interviews to radio show hosts, TV stations, book reviewers and health and diabetes bloggers.

Warshaw quoted in USA Today

Warshaw quoted as author of Eat Out Eat Right on 4/10/09 in USA Today story about the nutrition upside and downside of the newest craze in hamburgers - mini burgers served in multiples: In tough times, restaurants try mini burgers to get a nibble.

Warshaw Selected to Serve as Spokesperson for Chain Restaurant Nutrition Labeling Efforts

Warshaw was recently selected to serve as spokesperson for the Coalition for Restaurant Nutrition Information (CRNI) and will participate in press conferences, be quoted in news releases, grant interviews and more. CRNI is working to get The Labeling and Education Act—LEAN Act—passed by Congress to provide Americans from coast to coast with consistent and detailed nutrition information in chain restaurants with 20 or more locations.

Warshaw quoted in restaurant trade publication, Nation’s Restaurant News

Warshaw is quoted in During 'diet season' Diners Seek Healthful, Value-oriented Fare published 2/19/09 in the trade publication Nation’s Restaurant News stating, "I think we've got to operate from the notion that taste is king," said Hope Warshaw, author of such he

Stevia: Just the Facts

Link to Warshaw’s e-zine, What's New in Non-nutritive Sweeteners? Stevia, Of Course. This e-zine is published on PRESENTdiabetes.com and is one in her series of NutriZines

Resistantstarch.com offers Q &A with Warshaw

Resistantstarch.com offers Q &A with Warshaw which provides the basics about and benefits of eating more resistant starch. Also pick up pointers to increase your resistant starch intake. Gather more tips and tactics for healthy eating whether you want to prevent diabetes or manage it in Warshaw's best-selling book Diabetes Meal Planning Made Easy.

WebMD posts expert advice from Warshaw on Type 2 Diabetes and Diets

Warshaw's Expert Q&A: A Healthy Diet for Type 2 Diabetes posted on WebMD among expert advice from Ornish, Ludwig, Hill, Diekman and others under All the Latest from the Greatest...Expert Advice on Eating to Prevent or Control Health Conditions.