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Warshaw explores Human Factors: A New Concept in Medical Devices in Insulet’s Summer CPT Corner Newsletter

In the summer issue of Insulet’s CPT Corner newsletter for certified pump trainers, Warshaw interviews Insulet’s Connie Chitwood-Vu, MS, RD, CDE to learn about the concept of human factors/usability engineering or ‘HFE’ in medical device testing. The article shares how HFE played a role in the FDA’s clearance of the new OmniPod.

Warshaw interviewed by colleague Dr. Susan Mitchell on How to Stop Prediabetes in Its Tracks

Warshaw joined her nutrition colleague Dr. Susan Mitchell in How to Stop Prediabetes in Its Tracks  to discuss the latest statistics on prediabetes in America. Warshaw offered listeners ways to slow down or reverse the progression from prediabetes to type 2 diabetes. She also shared the best foods listeners with prediabetes should eat. 

Warshaw explores the question Life After Weight Loss Surgery: Can it Cure Type 2 Diabetes? in Diabetic Living magazine

Warshaw wrote article Life After Weight Loss Surgery: Can it Cure Type 2 Diabetes? for Diabetic Living magazine. Warshaw traces one women’s extraordinarily successful experience as she lost over 300 pounds along with her type 2 diabetes.

Warshaw Offers 8 Actions to Take if You Have Prediabetes for Diabetic Living

Warshaw wrote article 8 Actions to Take If You Have Prediabetes on Diabetic Living Online, published in the summer 2013 issue of Diabetic Living magazine. The article address actions that the nearly 80 million Americans with prediabetes could take to prevent or slow their likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes and be healthier as well. 

Warshaw writes update for Diabetic Living on Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Warshaw wrote the article titled Continuous Glucose Monitoring on Diabetic Living’s website which was also published in the Spring 2013 issue of Diabetic Living magazine. Warshaw provided an update on the advancement in continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology. 

Warshaw Assists TIME Healthland website with Slide Show on Tips for Healthier Restaurant Eating

In slide show titled, 'Tis the Season to Pack On Pounds: Tips for Healthier Holiday Eating, for TIME's Healthland website Warshaw provides quotes and health tips to eat healthier fast food meals. Warshaw assisted the editor in conceptualizing the focus of the slide show content about healthier restaurant eating, choosing the restaurants and providing the nutritional data.

Warshaw Quoted in Today's Dietitian, Story about Reversing Diabetes with Natural Remedies

In the November issue of Today's Dietitian, dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator, Constance Brown-Riggs, explores whether natural remedies can provide a cure for people with type 2 diabetes. The article, titled Reversing Type 2 Diabetes with Natural Remedies contains tips from Warshaw about how dietitians can advise people with type 2 diabetes about their expectations for reversal and the common progression of this disease.   

Warshaw Quoted in Drug Topics about Growing Importance of the Diabetes Online Community

In a pharmacy trade association publication, Drug Topics, Warshaw is quoted in the article User-friendly Technology, which describes how mobile systems, applications and social media channels are transforming diabetes care. Warshaw describes the importance of the growing Diabetes Online Community to people with diabetes and how their engagement is offering important social and emotional support.

Warshaw Pens Blog on Prediabetes for Food, Nutrition & Science from the Lempert Report

In a blog for Food, Nutrition & Science from the Lempert Report, Prediabetes: More, Many Millions in Our Supermarket Aisles, Warshaw details the staggering figures about prediabetes in the U.S. Within the article she provides insights and observations from two registered dietitians who are also certified diabetes educators on the front lines of working with people with prediabetes...in the supermarket aisles.

Warshaw's quote by diaTribe re: McDonalds' Announcement on Providing Calorie Info on Menu Boards

On September 12, 2012 McDonald's announced that they have begun providing the calories for their foods on their restaurant and drive-thru menu boards. This puts them ahead of being required to do so by a soon-to-be-implemented Federal regulation contained within the healthcare Affordable Care Act.