Warshaw quoted in Energy Times story, "Surviving the Restaurant Meal"

Warshaw is quoted in the June issue of Energy Times in the story, "Surviving the Restaurant Meal". The well written story offers readers insights and strategies to choose restaurants with healthier offerings and to choose healthier items once they've stepped across the restaurant's threshold.

Warshaw quoted in USA Today story, “Subway Jumps on Avocado Bandwagon"

USA Today Money Section reporter Bruce Horovitz, quotes Warshaw in story, “Subway Jumps on Avocado Bandwagon". Warshaw applauds Subway for spreading avocado from California across the nation.

Warshaw quoted in Arizona Republic story "Restaurant Chains Prepare for New Menu-Labeling Rules"

Writer Angeligue Soenarie quotes Warshaw in Arizona Republic (Sun, 4/17/11) in "Restaurant Chains Prepare for New Menu-Labeling Rules". The story discusses how restaurant chains across the U.S. are preparing for and coping with the recently proposed menu-labeling rules from FDA expected to go into effect sometime in 2012.

Warshaw is profiled as "Inspiring RD" in chat with Rima Kleiner, RD

Rima Kleiner's recent blog post Chat with an Inspiring RD: Hope Warshaw, provides Warshaw's top three tips for healthier restaurant eating, her thoughts about where the dietary guidelines 2010 fell short and why parents need to be concerned about their child's weight and eating habits. Yes, also learn about Warshaw's food fix. 

Eat Out, Eat Right gets positive review by Rebecca Blitzer, RD

Eat Out, Eat Right: The Guide to Healthier Restaurant Eating gets a positive review on Rebecca Blitzer's (MS, RD) website. K. Fortunato, a dietetic intern working with Blitzer's private practice, who wrote the review highlights: "The book begins with general restaurant tips, skills and strategies to make better decisions .

Warshaw quoted in Eat Out for Less (Calories!), Health Magazine and health.com

Tip #1 Make a Split Decision..."Or try the one fewer trick, says Hope Warsahaw, RD, author of Eat Out, Eat Right: for four people, order threes dishes and a side salad...and split everything."

Eat Out Eat Right Among Chicago Now's 'My Favorite Diet & Nutrition Books'

Warshaw's best-selling book Eat Out, Eat Right makes Chicago Now blogger Jenna Bell, PhD, RD's list of 'My Favorite Diet & Nutrition Books' in her 1/15/10 Eat Right Around Chicago column. See Bell's list of favorite books and read her short reviews.

Warshaw quoted in WebMD story "How to Design Your Own Diet"

Warshaw is quoted along with several other RD authors in WebMD story posted 12/10/09 How to Design Your Own Diet. The story, written by dietitian Elizabeth Ward, offers strategies to figure out a personalized weight loss plan based on individual needs vs. a one-size-fits-all eat this, not that approach. Warshaw is quoted on the topic of healthy restaurant eating and author of Eat Out, Eat Right.

ADA offers healthy on the run breakfast tips to promote Warshaw's Guide to Healthy Restaurant Eating

American Diabetes Association posts healthy tips for breakfast on the run in Double-shot, Skinny Breakfast -- No Whip as part of a recent e-newsletter broadcast to thousands. These tips are excerpted from Warshaw's new and improved 4th ed of Guide to Healthy Restaurant Eating.

What to Eat When You're Eating Out and Guide to Healthy Fast-Food Eating Now Out as 2nd Editions

Warshaw's popular books What to Eat When You're Eating Out and Guide to Healthy Fast-Food Eating are now out as 2nd Editions.