Warshaw quoted in Arizona Republic story "Restaurant Chains Prepare for New Menu-Labeling Rules"

Writer Angeligue Soenarie quotes Warshaw in Arizona Republic (Sun, 4/17/11) in "Restaurant Chains Prepare for New Menu-Labeling Rules". The story discusses how restaurant chains across the U.S. are preparing for and coping with the recently proposed menu-labeling rules from FDA expected to go into effect sometime in 2012. The goals of menu labeling are two-fold: 1) to have one set of rules regulating the nutrition information provided by restaurants across the U.S. and 2) to create one more information source to encourage healthier eating and limit obesity.

Warshaw is quoted as saying, "Having healthy choices in restaurants is not just the responsibility of the restaurants," said Warshaw, a registered dietitian and author of "Eat Out, Eat Right," an eating-out guide now in its third edition. "People asking for healthier items is what is going to drive this." Soenarie also includes a list of Warshaw's Healthy Restaurant Eating Dos and Don't.