September 29, 2010

Biggest Loser: Why I Watch?

OK, I'll admit it, I'm a bit addicted to Biggest Loser and I found myself getting dragged into another season last night.

Why do I like it? I enjoy watching the transformations people accomplish. These are particularly enjoyable towards the end of each season as people are approaching their goal weights. I also enjoy the transformations shown at the end of each show of the contestant who was voted off. They're impressive! I also like that the show portrays losing weight and keeping it off as very effort that takes a constant and continual commitment.

What don't I like? The unrealistic huge weight losses, the lack of focus on nutrition and food, though last night's show accented this topic well. I thought they did a creative job talking about the contestant's favorite (and calorically dense) foods and then presenting these foods to them as "gifts" to examine closely. Hopefully convincing them to never eat them again. I dislike the unreal
spa-like environment of the ranch simply because it sets up a false reality.

I was particularly delighted last night to see the physician interacting with a few of the contestants spelling out the medical implications of their weight. (Of course, I was pleased to see the connection between type 2 diabetes as a repercussion of excess weight for a number of contestants. Any time that point is driven home on national TV is great.)

It's simply amazing to me that these very overweight people are so shocked that their excess weight has caused medical issues at relatively young ages. How much damage do people think their body can handle without harm?

Yes, I'll likely watch again this season...but intermittently I hope.