February 23, 2011

Book Review: No Whine with Dinner

This is one in a series of book reviews. You may find these books beneficial if you: manage prediabetes or diabetes, follow a diabetes meal plan and/or try to eat healthy to live well. These book reviews also appear on amazon.com. The books can be found in my amazon a-store. Please check them out and consider a purchase.

NoWhinewDinnerNo Whine with Dinner (don’t you just love that title – it just makes me giggle!) is cookbook number two for the Meal Makeover Moms dietitian duo, Liz Weiss and Janice Bissex. Book one is The Mom’s Guide to Meal Makeovers. This book, actually part cookbook and how-to sensible feeding guide for kids, has Janice and Liz’s energy written all over it – from the front cover to the back page.

Mealmakeover websiteLiz and Janice, who are both moms of school-aged kids, whose joint mission is: to help busy families eat better. In all their efforts, including No Whine with Dinner, they get the time pressures and challenges moms (and dads) today are saddled with to feed kids healthfully day after day. There’s no doubt about where this dietitian duo are coming from. They layout their premises upfront: “What we aim to present in No Whine with Dinner a whole new family food dynamic – one that fosters excitement and appreciation for fresh, nutritious food which gives children a choice and a voice in what’s for dinner. We don’t believe in ‘kid food’. (Amen, I couldn’t agree more! Feeding kids this narrow list of foods we’ve come to call “kid-friendly foods” simply limits their palate and rich experiences with foods.)

The Meal Makeover Moms also don’t believe in this stealth health notion (sneaking in vegetables and other healthy ingredients). They prefer “subtle additions” of healthy ingredients. They realize that taste is king for kids (as well as adults).

No Whine with Dinner contains about 150 recipes. The book is divided into a logical flow from Morning Makeovers, to Lunch Box Winners, to Pasta and Pizza Favorites, to Sips and Smoothies and, of course, Dreamy Desserts.

A few new additions in this edition, all of the recipes are kid-tested, mom-approved. The last chapter offers 50 secrets from moms across the country to get picky eaters to try new foods. Plus they pack in tips for making enough for easy leftovers (simply a must for time efficiency today), simple substitutions and serving suggestions.

Reading through the recipes made my mouth water. I turned down the corners of a few pages - my must-try recipes:

  • Piping-Hot Peanut Butter Soup
  • Cowboy Chili with Sweet Potatoes and Corn
  • Sunday Dinner Brisket
  • Crushed Tortilla Chip Casserole (I’ve already tried this one and it pleased the palates of my crew)

Kudos to Janice and Liz for getting book number 2, No Whine with Dinner on the market. It’s another winner bound to help us busy parents more easily and sensibly feed our kids healthier. I just don’t think enough parents (and grandparents and other kid care providers) realize how big a deal this close to home effort of raising our kids with healthy habits, really is!!