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Warshaw member of Kellogg's Roundtable to develop solutions to Fill America's Fiber Gap, Publication July 2012 Journal Nutrition

Warshaw was a member of an eight-member Kellogg's sponsored roundtable charged with developing solutions to help Americans fill their fiber gap. Roundtable's findings are offered in a supplement of the Journal of Nutrition published July 2012, Filling America’s Fiber Intake Gap: Summary of a Roundtable to Probe Realistic Solutions with a Focus on Grain-Based Foods.

Warshaw quoted in USAToday Money on Girl Scouts Lending their Name to Nestle Candy Bars

Warshaw is quoted by Horovitz from USAToday Money section in story titled Girl Scout Candy Bars Coming to Retailers from NestleThe story details how the Girl Scouts of America are "selling" their name/brand to Nestle for use on a series of candy bars. Oh yes, you bet there will be a Thin Mint candy bar.

Warshaw Featured in ivillage Mother's Day Story with Health and Fitness Gurus

Warshaw is one of many "health and fitness gurus" featured in ivillage.com slide show about "What My Mom Taught Me about Health and Fitness." in honor of Mother's Day 2012. Check out slide #23. See Warshaw (standing), her mother (who's 86) and her sister (sitting down).

Warshaw's Tip #23 in ivillage story "40 No-Fail Diet Tips to Keep Your Resolutions on Track"

New Year's resolution story from ivillage, "40 No-Fail Diet Tips to Keep Your Resolutions on Track". Tip #23: If you have type 2 diabetes, track your fat intake, “To shed a few pounds, track and trim your fat grams. Use less salad dressing, butter/margarine, oil (any kind), mayonnaise, etc.

Warshaw quoted in USAToday Nutrition Nation blog, Prediabetes: The Silent Menace

USAToday's Nutrition Nation blog Prediabetes: The Silent Menace by award-winning dietitian Elizabeth Ward, RD was posted 1/23/12 in response to the increased interest in prediabetes by Paula Deen's announcement about her type 2 diabetes diagnosis.

Warshaw quoted in O'Neil's AJC column "Advice for Deen and Diabetics Dining Out"

In her Atlanta Journal Constitution column which guides people on healthy restaurant eating, well known dietitian and journalist Carolyn O'Neil, RD, quotes Warshaw within her advice to Paula Deen and others with diabetes on how to eat out healthfully and still enjoy restaurnant meals. Warshaw suggests, “To be successful, your diabetes plan should work around your needs and lifestyle and not vice versa,” said registered dietitian Hope S.

Warshaw's article, Artificial Pancreas Research: Insights for Application, appears in CPT Corner (12/11)

Warshaw's article, Artificial Pancreas Research: Insights for Applications, appears in Insulet's (OmniPod Pump Management System), December issue of their CPT Corner newsletter. The article discusses how learnings from current artificial pancreas systems research can be applied in pump use today.

EatSmart with Hope Warshaw, Quantia Communications Wins Web Health Award, Summer/Fall 2011

Summer/Fall Web Health Awards have been announced and Warshaw/Quantia Communication's mobile app EatSmart with Hope Warshaw won a Bronze Award. See the complete list of award winners. To learn more see the press release about EatSmart, the innovative mobile app for diabetes meal planning.

Warshaw's article, Insulet's Role in Artificial Pancreas Research: Part 1, appears in CPT Corner newsletter

Warshaw's article in Insulet's (OmniPod Pump Management System), CPT Corner newsletter, describes the company's role in the progression towards a real-world artificial pancreas. The article, Insulet's Role in Artificial Pancreas Research, appears in the October 2011 issue.

Guest blog on Life of a Diabetic - Diabetes Education/Educators: Who, What, Where and How?

Diabetes blogger, Chris Stocker, invited Warshaw to guest blog on Life of a Diabetic during November, diabetes month. The blog, titled Diabetes Education and Educators: Who, What, Where and How? provides answers to the basic questions: Who does diabetes education? What is diabetes education? Where you can get diabetes education?