Quotes & Articles

Making Sense of the New Dietary Guidelines

In this DX article, Hope explains what’s in the new congressionally mandated Dietary Guidelines.  She reviews the guidelines history, shares what’s new in them, details their five guiding principles and discusses how they apply for people with diabetes.

Your Fitness Questions Answered

Diabetic Living’s Winter 2015 issue contains an article written by Hope that answers nine questions on how to be active while living with diabetes while making exercise simple and safe.  She answers:

Diabetes Advocacy Orgs: Their Successes in 2015 and Plans for 2016

Hope talks with Diabetes Mine about the American Association of Diabetes Educators’ 2015 successes and its new strategic plan.

Why Are We Ignoring Diabetes Education?

Riva Greenberg interviews Hope in her role as the 2016 president of the American Association of Diabetes Educators where Hope discusses how most people with diabetes who see a primary care provider, are not getting referred for diabetes self-management education.

Gestational Diabetes: A Chance to Stop Type 2

Over half of women diagnosed with gestational diabetes around the world will develop type 2 diabetes within the next decade. In the Fall 2015 issue of Diabetic Living, Hope writes about how the “birth of your baby doesn’t signify the end of diabetes—in fact, it’s just the beginning. But awareness and preventive measures can deliver a healthy future for you and your child.”

A Dietitian for Me?

Hope gives tips in The DX on how to find and work with a registered dietitian. 

Fiber Facts

Hope’s DX blog discusses how to get – and count – the recommended daily amount of fiber in your meal plan.

Eating for Better Health: Hope Warshaw, RD, CDE Shares Tips for Managing Diabetes

Hope talks with Oldways about diabetes in American and how to manage the disease to help raise awareness during National Diabetes Month.

Hope Wins National Health Information Awards

Three of Hope’s articles published in Diabetic Living during 2014 were selected as gold and silver winners in the 22nd annual National Health Information Awards. This program recognizes the nation’s best consumer health information programs and materials.

Why Study Design Matters

On Sip & Savor, the American Beverage Association’s blog review’s a key point from Hope’s presentation at the International Food Technology 2015 Meeting in Chicago on "Low Calorie Sweeteners and Weight Management: Helpful or Harmful?" The blog focuses specifically on how study design impacts the interpretation of results.