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9 Steps You Can Take Toward Healthier Habits

As part of The Washington Post’s Post Live event Diabetes – Slowing the Epidemic , Warshaw contributed this practical advice story about the 9 steps to change health behaviors. The story includes two success stories, a woman who reversed prediabetes and one with type 2 diabetes who’s gotten it under control.  

Are You Sitting Too Much?

Diabetic Living’s spring issue contains an article authored by Warshaw focused on sedentary behavior. Concern about sedentary behavior has garnered attention from health experts as a cause of metabolic and cardiovascular-related diseases. This story delves into the growing research base and offers readers practical solutions to minimize sedentary behavior.

The Mediterranean Diet: Should You Try It

Diabetic Living’s spring issue contains an in-depth article about Mediterranean diets for diabetes authored by Warshaw. The article explores the recent research on the benefits of Mediterranean diet and diabetes then delves into the how tos of following this, one of several, healthy eating plans for diabetes.  

Diet Experts Share their #1 Weight Loss Tip

Along with a number of nationally recognized dietitians from across the country, Warshaw offered her #1 weight loss tip. It focused on the importance of weighing and measuring foods to keep those eyes and portions honest. 

Zero in on Carbohydrate and Carbohydrate Counting - Diabetic Connect Twitter Chat

Warshaw was the diabetes educator expert for the 1/20/15 Diabetic Connect weekly Twitter Chat. The topic was strategies to more effectively count carbohydrate when eating at home or away from home.

Washington Post on Fish Oil Supplements

In her Nutrition Q&A column published 1/21/14 Warshaw answers a reader’s question about whether taking fish oil supplements, despite newer research, is still beneficial.

Warshaw Applauds Mc Donald’s Small Changes, Big Results Fruit Campaign in USA Today Article

In an  article on USA Today  titled McDonald’s Seeding Fruit Options, Warshaw weighed in on Mc Donald’s move to offer clemintines and bananas as part of their Happy Meals. She noted that as long as children were actually eating the fruit as part of the meal, it was a great, healthy move by the fast food giant. 

Warshaw Provides Insight on Top Ten Diabetes Meal Plans in Today’s Dietitian

In the August issue of Today’s Dietitian magazine, Warshaw gives readers a reality check on the how the ability for clients to follow a healthy diabetes eating plan or pattern for the long term is not likely to be strictly based on this or that popular diet. What eating pattern people follow and whether they can follow it long term to achieve their long term goals will require realism and time.

Warshaw’s July Washington Post Nutrition Q&A: Don’t Think Sugar-Free Means You’ll Get Off Scot-Free

In her July Washington Post, Nutrition Q&A column Warshaw provided insight into those ‘sugar free’ and ‘low-sugar’ packaged foods, some of which contain sugar alcohols (polyols). Warshaw recommended that readers decide for themselves on a product by product basis by reading the nutrition facts labels and ingredient lists  and taste-testing for winners. 

Warshaw’s June Washington Post Nutrition Q&A: How to Change Food Habits for a Healthier Life

In her June Washington Post Nutrition Q&A column , Warshaw gave advice to help people set in their eating habits to get back  to a healthier lifestyle by making small, steady changes to existing habits.