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Warshaw Answers My Glu Questions on Healthy Eating

In January, Warshaw was asked to post a guest blogon My Glu to answer questions about the challenges of balancing healthy eating and the goals of managing diabetes. Warshaw guided readers about how to initiate changes in eating  habits and uncover the truth about fad diets.  

Warshaw’s January Washington Post Nutrition Q&A: How Can I Choose a Healthier Breakfast?

Warshaw’s January Washington Post Nutrition Q&A column responded to a reader's dilemma regarding her New Year's resolution to "lose that "last 20 pounds for good." Her first challenge? Zero in on a lower calorie breakfast without having to succumb to unhealthy conveniently packaged frozen breakfast sandwiches.

Warshaw Discusses the Power of the Diabetes Online Community in Endocrine News

In the December issue of Endocrine News, Hope provides candid observations and insights about  the power of social networking and excitement with the growing Diabetes Online Community.

Warshaw gives her insights about World Diabetes Day to website Insulin Nation

Warshaw was quoted in the article Feeling Blue About World Diabetes Day on the website Insulin Nation. Warshaw discussed the public perception of diabetes as a "ho-hum disease" and the importance of sounding the alarm to act now to reduce the risks and health implications of diabetes.

Warshaw’s June Washington Post Nutrition Q&A: High-Fructose Corn Syrup vs. Sugar

Warshaw’s June Washington Post Nutrition Q&A explores the hot nutrition question: Is high fructose corn syrup more dangerous to your health than sugar? To sort fact from fiction Warshaw synthesizes the research to date and offers readers realistic advice to achieve the key dietary guideline – eat less added sugars.


Warshaw’s September Washington Post Nutrition Q&A: Getting Fiber From Whole Grains

Warshaw’s September Washington Post Nutrition Q&A column sorts out the confusion between fiber and whole grains. It answers these questions: Do all whole grains contain dietary fiber? What other foods contain fiber?  She includes practical pointers for supermarket visits, home meal preparation and restaurant eating.