October 13, 2020

The Reference Guide to Integrate Smart Insulin Pens into Data-Driven Diabetes Care and Education Services

TDE Reference Guide

As lead author with my colleagues, Diana Isaacs and Janice MacLeod, we developed an in-depth reference guide that accomplishes several goals. We detail research that explores the burdens and challenges of taking insulin. We then share the potential value of Smart Insulin Pens and other connected-devices to make taking insulin and managing diabetes a bit easier. We share existing literature on how technology-based tools can improve and assist with diabetes management. The publication continues with a discussion on how Diabetes Care and Education Specialists (DCES) can, with connected-devices, build a data-driven practice. Three interviews with DCES familiar with integrating connected-devices into data-driven practice, are included. Find this publication in the August 2020 issue 46 of The Diabetes Educator (now called The Science of Diabetes Self-Management and Care Journal) as a supplement, pages S3-S20. Journal subscription required.