Eat Out Eat Right Among Chicago Now's 'My Favorite Diet & Nutrition Books'

Warshaw's best-selling book Eat Out, Eat Right makes Chicago Now blogger Jenna Bell, PhD, RD's list of 'My Favorite Diet & Nutrition Books' in her 1/15/10 Eat Right Around Chicago column. See Bell's list of favorite books and read her short reviews.

Warshaw quoted in Diabetes Myths Busted on

Article, Diabetes Myths Busted, on quotes Warshaw on topics from Is losing weight the cure for type 2? to Are snacks a must for people with diabetes, and Is it OK to eat sweets if your blood glucose is too low. Warshaw offers more practical and up-to-date advice for people with diabetes in her books.

ADA offers healthy on the run breakfast tips to promote Warshaw's Guide to Healthy Restaurant Eating

American Diabetes Association posts healthy tips for breakfast on the run in Double-shot, Skinny Breakfast -- No Whip as part of a recent e-newsletter broadcast to thousands. These tips are excerpted from Warshaw's new and improved 4th ed of Guide to Healthy Restaurant Eating.

February 4, 2009

Link to Reliable Nutrition Reads and Resources

There’s no shortage of nutrition advice—that’s for sure! The near daily headlines encouraging you to eat more of this and less of that, to advertisements that promote more dietary supplements to prevent or cure myriad medical conditions are enough to make your head spin and make it a challenge to separate fact from fiction when it comes to nutrition and healthy eating.


WebMD posts expert advice from Warshaw on Type 2 Diabetes and Diets

Warshaw's Expert Q&A: A Healthy Diet for Type 2 Diabetes posted on WebMD among expert advice from Ornish, Ludwig, Hill, Diekman and others under All the Latest from the Greatest...Expert Advice on Eating to Prevent or Control Health Conditions.

December 20, 2008

Stevia Gets FDA's Nod

Yesterday (12/17/08) the U.S. FDA sent a "No Objection Letter" to Merisant's Whole Earth Sweetener company and to Cargill, Inc., responding to their long awaited request to market a highly purified form of Stevia known as Reb A (rebaudioside A). Translated this letter means that FDA has no objection to the conclusion that both companies reached independently using the GRAS self-affirmation process: that Reb A is generally recognized as safe among qualified experts for use in beverages, foods and tabletop sweeteners.


Warshaw becomes Diabetic Living contributing editor - Fall 2008

Diabetic Living, a Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest magazine, makes Warshaw contributing editor for this quarterly diabetes consumer magazine beginning in Fall 2008. Read an article penned by Warshaw in this issue Log on to Take it Off. works with Warshaw as expert resouce on FAQ What to Eat with Diabetes

Health magazine's website launches revised diabetes section. The eating with diabetes content includes an FAQ titled What to Eat If You Have Diabetes written by Warshaw.

My Care Team, Inc launches publication of Warshaw's column Nutrition Nuggets for Better Diabetes Control

MyCareTeam, Inc., a leading vendor of Internet-based diabetes management software, announces that diabetes nutrition educator and best selling author Hope Warshaw will author monthly articles in the Nutrition Nuggets for Better Diabetes Control column for MyCareTeam’s diabetes

Warshaw quoted in Chicago Tribune 5-28-08

Chicago Tribune's Good Eating column, written by dietitian Janet Helm quotes Warshaw, as author of Diabetes Meal Planning Made Easy, about why people with diabetes don't need special 'diabetic foods'.