Diabetic Living, Winter 2009 issue offers 3 articles written by Warshaw

Diabetic Living magazine, published by Better Homes and Gardens, offers three articles written by Warshaw in the just released Winter 2009 issue.

Warshaw quoted in Diabetes Myths Busted on lifescript.com

Article, Diabetes Myths Busted, on lifescript.com quotes Warshaw on topics from Is losing weight the cure for type 2? to Are snacks a must for people with diabetes, and Is it OK to eat sweets if your blood glucose is too low. Warshaw offers more practical and up-to-date advice for people with diabetes in her books.

Warshaw quoted in July/Aug Sat. Eve Post about Resistant Starch "A New Type of Fiber"

Warshaw is quoted in the July/Aug issue of Saturday Evening Post in an article titled "A New Type of Fiber" which features the benefits of resistant starch and the ingredient Hi-maize. Hi-maize is a natural high amylose corn form of resistant starch manufactured by National Starch Food Innovation, a client of Warshaw's. Warshaw discusses the digestion of resistant starch and the resulting health benefits.

June 1, 2009

Carbohydrate: How Much (or Not) to Munch? Dualing Dialog with Tenderich's diabetesmine.com

Warshaw dialogs with diabetesmine.com blogger Tenderich on her blog about research and recommendations about carbohydrate intake for type 1. Check it out, then read my rebuttal below. Thanks Amy for being open to dialog!


Diabetes Meal Planning Made Easy

Do you feel...
  • confused about whether you need to limit the amount of carbohydrate you eat?
  • baffled by what’s more important: controlling glucose, blood pressure or heart health?
  • frustrated trying to lose weightl, keep pounds off and manage diabetes?
  • overwhelmed by food labels, nutrition facts and ingredients lists?

Diabetes Meal Planning Made Easy, now in its 5th edition, is thorough, yet practical and realistic in its approach. This perennial best-seller, published by the American Diabetes Association, has become the go-to resource on why, what and how much to eat for people with prediabetes or type 2 diabetes. Readers find cut-to-the-chase advice in three easy-to-digest sections. Section one is: Nutrition and Health Eating Basics. Section two is: Foods by Group, in-depth detail about each food group including alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, sweets and desserts and convenience foods. Section three is: Putting Healthy Eating for Diabetes Control into Action, covering how to preplan, supermarket shop, read food and nutrition labels, eat healthier restaurant meals and much more. This action oriented book helps readers slowly but surely change their food choices and eating behaviors for good.




“…Hope Warshaw makes healthy eating easier in Diabetes Meal Planning Made Easy…you’ll find everything you need to know to understand the role of nutrition and all the tips and tricks for shopping, planning, cooking, and even eating out. Packed with handy charts and tips, it’s an indispensable resource for preventing and managing the disease.”
—Editor’s Pick of the Week, Today’s Diet and Nutrition
"I have used Diabetes Meal Planning Made Easy on a daily basis. I am a personal chef and suggest this book for everyone who wants to eat balanced meals and change their lifestyle. It is a winner, I love it."
—Chef Donna
"Hope is the absolute authority on proper meal planning for people with diabetes. You will be able to manage well when you have Diabetes Meal Planning Made Easy on your shelf."
—Robyn Webb, MS, author of Diabetic Meals in 30 Minutes, American Diabetes Association
"Hope has done it again! She provides practical tips in Diabetes Meal Planning Made Easy on enjoying food and managing diabetes."
—Carolyn Leontos, MS, RD, CDE
Diabetes Meal Planning Made Easy is very easy to understand.”
—Leslie A. Shumaker, posted at amazon.com

Table of Contents


Introduction to 5th Edition

Section 1: Diabetes, Nutrition, and Healthy Eating Basics 

  • Chapter 1: About Type 2 Diabetes and Prediabetes and Why They Happen
  • Chapter 2: How to Eat Healthy with Diabetes 
  • Chapter 3: About Calories, Carbohydrate, Protein, and Fat
  • Chapter 4: Sodium, Potassium, and Blood Pressure Control
  • Chapter 5: Vitamins, Minerals, and Dietary Supplements
  • Chapter 6: Personalize Your Healthy Eating Plan
  • Chapter 7: Secrets of Losing Weight and Keeping Pounds Off for Good

Section 2: Foods by Group 

  • Chapter 8: Starches
  • Chapter 9: Vegetables (Non Starchy)
  • Chapter 10: Fruits
  • Chapter 11: Milks and Yogurts
  • Chapter 12: Protein Foods 
  • Chapter 13: Fats and Oils
  • Chapter 14: Sweets, Desserts, and Other Sugary Foods 
  • Chapter 15: Beverages: Nonalcoholic
  • Chapter 16: Beverages: Alcoholic
  • Chapter 17: Combination, Convenience, and Free Foods

Section 3: Putting Healthy Eating for Diabetes Control into Action

  • Chapter 18: Change Your Food Choices and Eating Behaviors Slowly
  • Chapter 19: Planning: A BIG Key to Healthy Eating
  • Chapter 20: Control Your Portions
  • Chapter 21: Lean on the Food Label and Nutrition Facts
  • Chapter 22: Skills and Strategies for Healthy Restaurant Eating
  • Chapter 23: Get the Support You Need Up Close or Virtual


The Diabetes Food and Nutrition Bible

Are you...
  • frightened by the diagnosis of diabetes and wonder what you can eat?
  • puzzled about how to make your favorite recipes diabetes-friendly?
  • flustered about how to lower carbohydrate, increase fiber and decrease sodium?
  • unclear if you need to steer clear of sugary foods and sweets?

The Diabetes Food and Nutrition Bible, published by the American Diabetes Association is a two-in-one super resource for people with diabetes. It’s an “educational cookbook” co-authored by Hope and culinary guru and best-selling diabetes cookbook author Robyn Webb.

The Diabetes Food and Nutrition Bible is filled with over 100 recipes featuring 20 Nutrition Superstars - foods chock-full of nutrition. You’ll also find tips and hints about how to buy, store and cook myriad foods. Integrated into the pages is a comprehensive nutrition guide to help you learn what and how to eat to manage your diabetes. The pages are filled with plenty of easy and practical ways to improve your eating habits and food choices. And that’s not all. You’ll get two complete weeks of diabetes menu plans for various calorie levels which show you exactly how to fit in the book’s recipes and healthy eating ideas.


"With Diabetes Food and Nutrition Bible ...you'll learn how food affects your blood glucose and how to eat healthier. You'll see that with a little creativity, you can live well within what can be quite comforting, good-tasting limits...Now read, learn, and inwardly digest a very reasonable approach."
—Graham Kerr (a.k.a The Galloping Gourmet)
"Many cookbooks include the word 'bible' in the title. Few cookbooks merit it. An exception is The Diabetes Food and Nutrition Bible...The result is a book that debunks modern myths...The recipes are simple and streamlined...It's an interesting read not only for individuals diagnosed with or predisposed to diabetes, but anyone concerned about sound eating."
Washington Post Food Section
“In The Diabetes Food and Nutrition Bible, Hope Warshaw and Robyn Web effectively collaborate to draw upon their more than twenty years of experience with the challenges of a diabetic lifestyle. No diabetics's reference shelf and cookbook collection can be considered complete without the inclusion of The Diabetes Food and Nutrition Bible!”"
—Midwest Book Reviews, posted at amazon.com
“In The Diabetes Food & Nutrition Bible, Hope Warshaw and Robyn Web effectively collaborate to draw upon their more than twenty years experience with the challenges of a diabetic lifestyle. No diabetics's reference shelf and cookbook collection can be considered complete without the inclusion of The Diabetes Food & Nutrition Bible!”
—Amrdmr, posted at amazon.com
“At this point I have read about six books on diabetes and this one [Diabetes Food and Nutrition Bible] is by far the best. I needed help with menu planning, balancing proteins, carbos, fats, calories, increasing fiber, etc. "The Diabetes Bible" does have workable recipes - the ones I have made were very tasty.”

Table of Contents

    • Nutrient: The Big Three
    • Vitamins and Minerals
    • Meal Planning Approaches
    • Grains, Beans, and Starchy Vegetables
    • Vegetables
    • Fruits
    • Milk and Yogurt
    • Meat and Meat Substitutes
    • Fats and Lower-fat Recipes
    • Sugar, Sweets and Sweeteners
    • Two Weeks of Menus
    • The Food Label
    • Setting Goals

December 20, 2008

Stevia Gets FDA's Nod

Yesterday (12/17/08) the U.S. FDA sent a "No Objection Letter" to Merisant's Whole Earth Sweetener company and to Cargill, Inc., responding to their long awaited request to market a highly purified form of Stevia known as Reb A (rebaudioside A). Translated this letter means that FDA has no objection to the conclusion that both companies reached independently using the GRAS self-affirmation process: that Reb A is generally recognized as safe among qualified experts for use in beverages, foods and tabletop sweeteners.