What to Eat When You're Eating Out and Guide to Healthy Fast-Food Eating Now Out as 2nd Editions

Warshaw's popular books What to Eat When You're Eating Out and Guide to Healthy Fast-Food Eating are now out as 2nd Editions.

Warshaw quoted in USA Today

Warshaw quoted as author of Eat Out Eat Right on 4/10/09 in USA Today story about the nutrition upside and downside of the newest craze in hamburgers - mini burgers served in multiples: In tough times, restaurants try mini burgers to get a nibble.

Warshaw Selected to Serve as Spokesperson for Chain Restaurant Nutrition Labeling Efforts

Warshaw was recently selected to serve as spokesperson for the Coalition for Restaurant Nutrition Information (CRNI) and will participate in press conferences, be quoted in news releases, grant interviews and more. CRNI is working to get The Labeling and Education Act—LEAN Act—passed by Congress to provide Americans from coast to coast with consistent and detailed nutrition information in chain restaurants with 20 or more locations.

Warshaw quoted in restaurant trade publication, Nation’s Restaurant News

Warshaw is quoted in During 'diet season' Diners Seek Healthful, Value-oriented Fare published 2/19/09 in the trade publication Nation’s Restaurant News stating, "I think we've got to operate from the notion that taste is king," said Hope Warshaw, author of such he

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Warshaw advises Washington Post readers how to survive shopping mall food courts

Warshaw advises Washington Post readers about how to survive shopping mall food courts and assorted restaurants while shopping in Huget's Eat Drink and Be Healthy column titled: Courting Dietary Disaster at the Mall? With Planning, You Can Shake It Off.
October 1, 2008

California, 1st to State Nutrition Facts on Restaurant Menus

On Sept 30 California’s governor signed the first state-wide legislation to require chain restaurants with more than 20 locations to offer up key nutrition facts, such as calories, saturated fat, carbohydrate and sodium, at the point of purchase (right next to the price of the item on menus or menu boards). No longer will the availability of this information on websites, on posters or in brochures be sufficient. The legislation goes into effect July 2009 and takes full effect in 2011.

May 23, 2008

When it Comes to Restaurants’ Nutrition Facts, Buyer Beware?

A recent report from a Scripps Television station investigation reveals wide discrepancies between the restaurant’s nutrition facts (calories and fat) and those determined by laboratory nutrition analysis. The investigation took place over 3 months, in 8 cities and on meals mainly from sit down restaurants, such as Chili’s, Applebee’s, and Cheesecake Factory ; and one fast food restaurant, Taco Bell. Some discrepancies were several fold, even on healthier entries. Others were more on target.


Diet.com launches Warshaw’s weekly Eat Out, Eat Right Blog

Prominent weight control web site Diet.com launches Warshaw’s weekly blog titled Eat Out, Eat Right. The blog zeros in on one large restaurnt chain weekly providing strategies to slim calories, trim fats and outsmart the menu with tricks 'n tips and links readers to Warshaw's bestselling book with the same title Eat Out, Eat Right .

Environmental Nutrition newsletter touts Eat Out, Eat Right in May 2008 issue

Environmental Nutrition newsletter, a trusted resource of health conscious consumers and nutrition experts, touts Eat Out, Eat Right in May 2008 issue as "a comprehensive books that is loaded with strategies and tips to healthfully guide you through nearly every popular dining option." Read the article and review "Menu Magic: 7 Strateiges for Dining Out Heal