November 8, 2017

How Does SPLENDA® Fit into a Diabetes Diet Plan?

With all the myths and media hype about low-calorie sweeteners that are swirling around, if you are a person with diabetes, I bet you wonder if you’re wise to use them. As a long time dietitian and diabetes educator with extensive expertise in the research and practical use of low-calorie sweeteners, it’s important to me that you have accurate knowledge on this topic.

Here’s the bottom line upfront: YES, people with diabetes can safely use FDA-approved low-calorie sweeteners as part of a diabetes management plan, according to the American Diabetes Association (ADA).

Your next logical question is likely: if it’s OK to use SPLENDA® Sweetener Products, how can you fit them into your diabetes diet plan.

In my November Splenda Living blog I bust a few myths and offer practical pointers to help you make your diabetes diet plan just a bit sweeter. Read more...