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The 7 Best Foods to Order at Denny’s, According to Nutritionists

In this Women's Health article, Hope suggests using one of her favorite tactics, menu creativity, at Denny’s to choose a healthy lunch or dinner. She says, "Practice menu creativity by picking and choosing from soups and sides. As an example, order a bowl of vegetable soup, a side salad with dressing on the side, and seasonal fresh fruit. That makes for a healthy lunch or light dinner." Yes, it’s possible to eat healthy at Denny’s!

Nutrition Dimension Offers Wrap Up of AADE18

Hope offers her thoughts on hot topics at the 2018 annual American Association of Diabetes Educators conference in this Nutrition Dimension article. On her list is DANA, AADE’s new technology one-stop online resource, the importance of educators discussing the value of and resources for peer support and the new Eversense implantable Continuous Glucose Monitor.

AADE Gets Serious About Embracing the Diabetes Patient Community + Peer Support

Over the last five plus years Hope has worked tirelessly to support connections between people with diabetes using social media to remove some of the isolation of diabetes. She has also advocated for the role of peer support and their caregivers among diabetes healthcare providers. In October 2017 Hope, on behalf of the American Association of Diabetes Educators co-convened an AADE and Peer Support Community gathering to explore how to build bridges between the two communities. This Diabetes Mine blog is a recap of this gathering and action steps to move this effort forward... Read More

Fermented Foods - Do They Really Impact Diabetes?

Hope is interviewed by Diabetes Mine's Amy Tenderich, along with two other CDEs (Certified Diabetes Educators), Toby Smithson and Sarah Picklo on this year's latest "superfood" trend - fermented foods.

New consensus report standardizes diabetes outcomes beyond HbA1c

Hope's perspectives piece appears at the end of an Endocrine Today article;

How to Eat Healthy in a Mexican Restaurant

Americans love Mexican food. We gobble down more tortilla chips than potato chips, more salsa than ketchup. The good news is that authentic Mexican food can be very healthy, even reducing your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

The “More Is Better” Protein Myth

Hope is interviewed in the article that cuts through the misinformation that people diagnosed with prediabetes or type 2 diabetes too often receive.  Read more ...

Gift-worthy food and nutrition books, from Sunday suppers to moms-to-be

This article features Hope's book, Diabetes Meal Planning Made Easy, as one of eight titles from Barbara Quinn, registered dietitian and certifie

Diabetes educators, patients must collaborate on individualized medical nutrition therapy

Hope wrote this perspectives piece that appears at the end of an article that Alison Evert was quoted in, and based on their program at AADE17:

A Hopeful Story: Early Action Is Key In Diabetes

Hope talks with Melissa Joy Dobbin on her podcast podcast Sound Bites... click here to learn more or listen right now: