August 10, 2017

Making the Grade: Back To School With Diabetes

As a parent or caregiver of a child with diabetes, your back-to-school checklist includes more than a backpack, notebooks and writing tools. You also have to add visits to your child’s healthcare providers, forms to complete, supplies to provide, and connecting with the school personnel to your list.

Each child and each school year is different. It’s influenced by your child’s characteristics, age, how long they’ve had diabetes and their abilities to manage their diabetes at school. The school and school personnel, from teachers to school health providers, factor in, too. One year your child may be in a familiar school; the next year they may be in a new school or in a completely new district. What’s always the same is that you know your child and their needs best.

While I cannot provide you with legal advice, in my August Podder Talk™ blog I’ve compiled a few details about certain federal and state laws and regulations that may be helpful in managing your child’s diabetes during the school day, along with some practical pointers.  Read more ...