July 1, 2019

ADA Scientific Sessions (#ADA2019): Loads of Learning, Connecting and Recommitting

I wrote this invited guest blog for the American Association of Diabetes Educator’s (AADE) blog after attending the 2019 American Diabetes Association’s (ADA) Scientific Sessions (as they're called) in June. As usual this conference was packed with four days of intense learning. It also offered an opportunity to connect with many old friends and colleagues as well as with many healthcare providers, people with diabetes and others committed to improving diabetes care and the lives of people with diabetes. The slide above was created by Professor Jane Speight from Australia. She graciously revised this slide for me to share with my AADE colleagues in this blog. She used the initial draft of the slide in her talk at ADA on #languagematters which I recapped in this blog. She's a global champion on this topic.    

I’ve attended roughly 20 plus ADA Sci Sessions over the years. The meeting experience for diabetes educators continues, year by year, to improve with more content on topics of interest to us – education innovation, behavior change, psychosocial impact of diabetes and interventions, nutrition, physical activity and more. In turn, the meeting attracts more diabetes educators. (IMHO it’s important for diabetes educators to be seen and heard from at ADA Sci Sessions. Please consider attending next year.) I was asked by AADE to share a few highlights from my vantage point...Read More