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Warshaw's interview on AARP's Prime Time Radio aired and archived

Warshaw was interviewed on Ways to Integrate Diabetes Care into Your Life on AARP's Prime Time Radio show hosted by Mike Cuthbert to promote her newest book Real Life Guide to Diabetes. Cuthbert, who has pre-diabetes, notes, "One good test of a diabetes book is whether you can learn something new from it.

Warshaw revamps Hope's Books to link to amazon.com for best prices

Warshaw relaunched her revamped Hope's Books pages to enable visitors to more easily access details about her books and quickly link to amazon.com for the best prices from a trusted source.

Diabetic Living online, Better Homes and Gardens diabetes website, makes Warshaw contributing editor

Warshaw will add diabeticlivingonline.com to her contributing editor role at Better Homes and Gardens' Diabetic Living publications. Warshaw has been and will continue on as a contributing editor for the Diabetic Living magazine, with circulation over 1/2 million. She'll add diabeticilivingonline to her role with the magazine and provide content as well as expert review.

Warshaw quoted in FLARE, Canada's Premier Fashion Magazine

Warshaw offers tips for healthy restaurant eating from her book Eat Out, Eat Right: The Guide to Healthier Restaurant Eating in Bikini-Body Ready article in the August issue of Canada's major fashion magazine FLARE. Her first quote sums up her main message: "Eat what you want to eat, but just less of it."

Warshaw quoted in online diabetes magazine RemedyLife in "Get Back on Track with Diabetes Care"

Warshaw and nurse co-author on Real Life Guide to Diabetes Joy Pape are quoted in lengthy article "Get Back on Track with Diabetes Care" in the July 2009 issue of the RemedyLife newsletter published online. Author Natasha Persoud presents common dilemmas when dealing day to day with diabetes and Warshaw and Pape provide common sense approaches to deal with them practically.

Warshaw quoted in July/Aug Sat. Eve Post about Resistant Starch "A New Type of Fiber"

Warshaw is quoted in the July/Aug issue of Saturday Evening Post in an article titled "A New Type of Fiber" which features the benefits of resistant starch and the ingredient Hi-maize. Hi-maize is a natural high amylose corn form of resistant starch manufactured by National Starch Food Innovation, a client of Warshaw's. Warshaw discusses the digestion of resistant starch and the resulting health benefits.

American Diabetes Association Creates Web-landing for Warshaw's books

American Diabetes Association creates Warshaw landing page to promote Warshaw's books published by ADA and offers a 20% discount (don't forget to enter the promotional code: warshaw).

Warshaw's article Less Ouch Needles published in Diabetic Living (Summer "09)

Warshaw's article Less Ouch Needles publish in Diabetic Living (Summer '09) helps people discover their options and learn whether they're using the correct length and gauge insulin syringe or pen needle. Answers to common but frequently unanswered questions are provided: Can I resuse pens or syringes? How should I discard my used needles?

Warshaw's article Get Your Licks published in Diabetic Living (Summer '09)

In Get Your Licks, (summer '09 issue of Diabetic Living), Warshaw offers strategies to help people looking to manage diabetes and/or eat healthier continue to savor frozen desserts. Tips to choose healthy types and toppings are included.