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Dave Grotto - the Guyatitian Guru - Interviews Warshaw on The Real Deal with Type 2 Diabetes and Prediabetes

The well known Chicago-based Guyatitian Guru, David Grotto, RD interviews Hope Warshaw about the current understanding of the progression of prediabetes and type 2. Warshaw outlines key action items to take control of prediabetes or type 2 from day one of diagnosis. Don't delay, don't deny are two of Warshaw's messages.

Eat Out, Eat Right gets positive review by Rebecca Blitzer, RD

Eat Out, Eat Right: The Guide to Healthier Restaurant Eating gets a positive review on Rebecca Blitzer's (MS, RD) website. K. Fortunato, a dietetic intern working with Blitzer's private practice, who wrote the review highlights: "The book begins with general restaurant tips, skills and strategies to make better decisions .

Warshaw's Wish for 2010 Dietary Guidelines, Focused on Fiber, Included in The Zied Guide (1/26/11)

In anticipation of the big reveal of the 2010 Dietary Guidelines on 1/31/11, dietitian and author of The Zied Guide, Elisa Zied, went to a handful of dietitians to ask what they wish for in this next iteration titled Experts' Wishes for New Dietary Guidelines. My wish?

Warshaw quoted by WebMD on Carb Lover's Diet and Resistant Starch

In Diet Review: The Carb Lover's Diet, Kathleen Zelman, MPH, RD, LD, Director of Nutrition for WebMD quotes Warshaw about her take on The Carb Lover's Diet, a diet that's been in the news and hit the New York Times bestseller list. Warshaw also comments on the importance of healthy carbs including resistant starch.

Warshaw authors How to Lower Morning Highs in Diabetic Living, Fall 2010

Warshaw's article "How to Lower Morning Highs" was published in Diabetic Living's Fall 2010 issue. This important article helps people with type 2 diabetes understand why your blood glucose results might be higher in the morning than any other time of day. The answer is more than likely not what you ate for dinner the night before. The answer is all about the hormonal disarray that happens in type 2 diabetes. Read it and learn. Also get tips to control your morning highs.

Warshaw quoted in QualityHealth article about Prediabetes

Warshaw's expertise as author of Diabetes Meal Planning Made Easy, 4th ed (American Diabetes Association) used by New York Daily New writer, Rosemary Black on story for Quality Health website titled Just Diagnosed with Pre-Diabetes?, What Should You Do.

Warshaw's articles on BBQ and Heart Disease published in Diabetic Living, Summer 2010

Warshaw has two articles published in Diabetic Living's Summer 2010 issue. Article one, Barbecue Your Way, focuses on the how tos of enjoying BBQ, whether from North Carolina to Kansas City, or Texas...just a little bit healthier. Article two, Heart Smart from the Start, connects the dots between diabetes and heart disease and details 7 actions steps for heart (and diabetes) health.

Warshaw quoted in 12 Simple Ways to Fight Prediabetes, www.healthywomen.org

Warshaw quoted in article 12 Simple Ways to Fight Prediabetes on woman's health website, a top rated website by O, Oprah's magazine. Warshaw notes, "There's a cascade of events (in your body) that starts to happen as you put on excess pounds.

Warshaw quoted in Eat Out for Less (Calories!), Health Magazine and health.com

Tip #1 Make a Split Decision..."Or try the one fewer trick, says Hope Warsahaw, RD, author of Eat Out, Eat Right: for four people, order threes dishes and a side salad...and split everything."