Hope has been a dietitian and diabetes educator for nearly thirty-five years. She has owned Hope Warshaw Associates, LLC, for over twenty years. Her work today spans from corporate consulting to writing consumer articles and authoring numerous best-selling books. She counsels people with diabetes and those with weight concerns. Hope is most well known for her expertise in the areas of diabetes nutrition management and healthy restaurant eating.

Regardless of the hat Hope is wearing, she always strives to offer practical solutions to eating healthy and living well in today's fast-paced convenience-driven world. She is uniquely able to translate complex concepts into understandable language and action steps. From first-hand experience as a mother, wife and chief of shopping, planning and cooking for her busy family she's well aware that today particularly, people need realistic and easy-to-implement advice. Hope's promise: she won't suggest it if she can't do it.

Hope practices what she preaches to stay healthy and trim, whether it's splitting entrees at restaurants, pushing beans and vegetables on the homefront or walking a couple miles most days as the sun comes up. Hope is passionate about helping people eat healthier to live well. She has long been committed to her profession nationally and in her community and has won several awards for her service.

Hope Warshaw