Warshaw Applauds Mc Donald’s Small Changes, Big Results Fruit Campaign in USA Today Article

In an  article on USA Today  titled McDonald’s Seeding Fruit Options, Warshaw weighed in on Mc Donald’s move to offer clemintines and bananas as part of their Happy Meals. She noted that as long as children were actually eating the fruit as part of the meal, it was a great, healthy move by the fast food giant. 

Warshaw Provides Insight on Top Ten Diabetes Meal Plans in Today’s Dietitian

In the August issue of Today’s Dietitian magazine, Warshaw gives readers a reality check on the how the ability for clients to follow a healthy diabetes eating plan or pattern for the long term is not likely to be strictly based on this or that popular diet. What eating pattern people follow and whether they can follow it long term to achieve their long term goals will require realism and time.

Warshaw’s July Washington Post Nutrition Q&A: Don’t Think Sugar-Free Means You’ll Get Off Scot-Free

In her July Washington Post, Nutrition Q&A column Warshaw provided insight into those ‘sugar free’ and ‘low-sugar’ packaged foods, some of which contain sugar alcohols (polyols). Warshaw recommended that readers decide for themselves on a product by product basis by reading the nutrition facts labels and ingredient lists  and taste-testing for winners. 

Warshaw Writes article in Summer Issue of Diabetic Living: Destination: Better Diabetes Care

In the summer 2014 issue of Diabetic Living, Warshaw authors the spotlight piece in honor of the magazine’s 10th anniversary to reflect upon key advances in diabetes research and care over the past decade. Warshaw then looks at what the future holds with several key players in the diabetes community.  

Warshaw Weighs in on What Makes New Diabetes Software Successful

With lots of blood glucose meter systems currently available and others with more bells and whistles trying gain regulatory approval to enter the maket, Warshaw provided four important factors she believes are necessary for building successful diabetes software programs. In this interview on the My Dario blog, Warshaw discusses the crucial nature of connecting PWD through the Diabetes Online Community as part a successful software product. 

Warshaw Sites Nine Ways to Improve Childhood Nutrition in Restaurant Dining in Washington Post

In a  To Your Health Washington Post blog , Warshaw offers up  nine strategies to help parents use restaurant meals as  teachable moments to educate their children about healthier eating out now and throughout their lives.

Warshaw’s June Washington Post Nutrition Q&A: How to Change Food Habits for a Healthier Life

In her June Washington Post Nutrition Q&A column , Warshaw gave advice to help people set in their eating habits to get back  to a healthier lifestyle by making small, steady changes to existing habits. 

Warshaw Talks Diabetes Management Beyond Blood Glucose Control in Today’s Dietitian

The June issue of Today’s Dietitian features an article titled Foods and Beverages for Heart Health: Managing Diabetes  Isn’t Just About Blood Glucose Control.” Warshaw is quoted about the importance of using technology to look beyond blood glucose numbers in order to assess diabetes management.  

Warshaw’s May Washington Post Nutrition Q&A: Bridging the Breakfast Lunch Gap

Warshaw’s May Washington Post Nutrition Q&A gave guidance and tactics to answer the common dilemma of how to balance breakfast, lunch and mid-meal hunger while achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

Warshaw’s April Washington Post Nutrition Q&A: Is it possible to follow a paleo vegetarian eating plan?

Warshaw’s April Washington Post Nutrition Q&A column focused on the whether following a paleo vegetarian eating plan is within the realm of possibility. Conclusion? Not easily. These diets have extremely different foci – one excluding meat and other animal-based protein foods. The other? Plenty of animal based protein sources with the exclusion of grains and legumes.

Hope Warshaw