March 25, 2012

Book Review: Your Diabetes Science Experiment by Ginger Vieira

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Are you aware of how you learn best? Many times our best learnings stem from a series of  "experiments." Your Diabetes Science Experiment: Live Your Life with Diabetes, Instead of Letting Diabetes Live your Life by Ginger Vieira, is based on the premise that trial and error scenarios paired with data tracking can help you eliminate the guessing game of diabetes care.

The book is written by power lifter Ginger Vieira, who has had type 1 diabetes for over 13 years (she's now 26). She guides the reader from a place of understanding the challenges of managing diabetes...which she no doubt does. She believes that there is a reason behind every blood glucose result. With this knowledge she has been able to remove her feelings of anger, frustration, or discouragement with her numbers. Viera seeks to teach you to do the same and provides support to accomplish this throughout her book.

Vieira creates logical dialogue from page one. She is intent on educating the reader. To accomplish this she uses everyday scenarios to explain, for example, how the body works with type 1 diabetes. She returns many times to a central example: the body as a pizza shop. Sounds funny, but it works! From insulin and body weight, to various case studies with an extensive cast, she explains each situation to unmask the mystery of diabetes.

Vieira believes Your Diabetes Science Experiments can be created around any time of day or situation where you experience of unwanted high or low blood glucose results. She notes every high or low number isn’t good, bad, or even perfect. It’s all just information to input into your ongoing science experiment: YOU.

The book provides the author’s personal results and details her diabetes experiments and results for various situations.

Vieira provides a wealth of information, equations and number crunching. This has the potential to be overwhelming if you’re just entering the world of diabetes management. However, it’s clear Viera's intent is to provide inspiration in the exactness of these experiments and results.

This is a very complete book which can serve as an ongoing resource as your questions arise. The book even includes a glossary which provide not just definitions, but explanations. Your Diabetes Science Experiment is a logical guide to aid you in your quest to determine the science and reason within your numbers.

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