December 2, 2021

Introducing Allulose

Alli;pse Allulose is a new lower calorie sugar in a category of new sweeteners referred to as “rare sugars.” Due to the availability of rare sugars and guidance from FDA that allows for positive labeling on the Nutrition Facts panel, manufacturers are racing to formulate new lower calorie and sugar foods. In this article for Today’s Dietitian titled, Introducing Allulose, I define this new sugar, discuss other rare sugars, review safety evaluation and detail how allulose is processed through the human body.

September 19, 2021

Precision Diabetes Medicine and Nutrition Care – Ready for Prime Time?

Precision MedicinePrecision medicine, precision nutrition – both terms and concepts for personalized health care are becoming popular. But do we know enough yet to apply these concepts, and related knowledge, to make personalized recommendations?

September 9, 2021

Sugar and Sugar Substitutes: Weight, Glucose & Gut Health – Dr. John Sievenpiper & Hope Warshaw

 Sound Bites Podcast

I was once again delighted to appear on the award-winning and well-known nutrition podcast, Sound Bites, hosted by fellow RDN and CDCES, Melissa Joy Dobbins. I appeared on this episode (#189) with Dr. John Sievenpiper, one of the smartest scientist/researchers today on the topic of added sugars and sugar substitutes