December 9, 2008

Health Care Reform - Link and Learn

With all the conversation about the need for health care reform, there are no better places to focus our efforts and energy than on the prevention and better management of diabetes by supporting people's and society's work on living healthier lifestyles. Both obesity, often the predecessor to pre- and type 2 diabetes, and type 2 diabetes eat up a massive piece of the healthcare dollar pie. A focus on prevention of obesity and type 2 diabetes could offer us big benefits for our bucks! (Though not as much as we think because it costs to help people adopt a healthier lifestyle and support their efforts long term.)

So, it’s no surprise that diabetes- and nutrition-related associations are putting their health reform priorities out for public viewing. Link and learn!

American Diabetes Association: Recommendations from ADA’s Health Reform Task Force

American Dietetic Association: Recommendations for how to transition health care from a treatment to a prevention-minded system

American Association of Diabetes Educators: Recommendations about reforming diabetes care and the role diabetes educators can play in this effort

Enjoy the reading!