January 30, 2008

Tobacco-Free Zones: Why not Junk Food Free Zones, Portion Controlled Zones?

No doubt both first- and second-hand smoke from tobacco is a health hazard. Also, no doubt that exposure, in a smoke filled environment, to second-hand smoke cannot be selectively avoided, unless you avoid the setting. Not the case when it comes to food.

You can choose to be in an environment with unhealthy foods or large portions and choose not to partake. However, it is our myriad environments of daily life: restaurants, school and worksite cafeterias, social events, religious observances, birthday and holiday celebrations and more; that thwart our efforts to eat healthier. It’s tough to eat healthy with a dearth of healthy choices and/or portions are plentiful.

Wouldn’t creating Junk Food Free Zones and/or Portion Controlled Zones make it much easier for people to make healthy choices and control calorie consumption. Sound outlandish and in the category of never could happen? But, how is creating healthy eating environments so different from creating Tobacco Free Zones? Food for thought…