February 9, 2015

New! Eat Out, Eat Well – The Guide to Eating Healthy at Any Restaurant, Has Arrived

Eat Out Eat WellAnnouncing the arrival of my newest book, Eat Out, Eat Well – The Guide to Eating Healthy at Any Restaurant, published by the American Diabetes Association, available online from ADA's book store or from my amazon a-store.

I’m no stranger to this topic, that’s for sure! I’ve been fine-tuning my advice on strategies and tactics for healthy restaurant eating for more than two decades. My first book on the subject, The Restaurant Companion, was published 25 years ago. Wow!

Changes in types of restaurant fare, the frequency of eating restaurant meals  increased availability of nutrition information online and much more has changed and thus the need for a totally refreshed book - now THE go-to resource for assembling all types of healthy meals and snacks in just about any type of restaurant, from fast food to fast casual, to upscale dining and numerous ethnic cuisines.

The need for this advice has never been more critical for your health. The average American eats five restaurant meals a week. That’s 260 restaurant meals a year! No surprise, easy access to myriad restaurants at all hours of the day and night has become how many of the fast-paced, convenience-focused among us get the job of eating done on a near daily basis. Other than that occasional upscale dining splurge.

But, research shows, this frequency of restaurant meals with their high calorie and fat totals is not doing our waistlines or health much good. Millions of people, whether you're struggling with excess weight, been told you have prediabetes or have been diagnosed with diabetes, need realistic advice and practical guidance to make eating healthy restaurant meals possible.

With Eat Out, Eat Well healthy restaurant meals are not just possible, they're PROBABLE! 

The book is divided into three sections: 

  • Section one covers the basics and latest recommendations for eating with diabetes and then delves into healthy restaurant eating with diabetes. Next, a complete debrief on the pitfalls of restaurant eating with the skills and strategies to combat each and every pitfall. One chapter is entirely devoted to dealing with common diabetes dining dilemmas—including delayed meals, drinking alcohol, and fitting in sweets and desserts. There’s also a chapter dedicated to advice for those who must eat gluten-free and another for parents to help children eat healthier (with tips andd tactics for each throughout the book in the specific cuisine chapters). 
  • Section two covers American fare including breakfast/brunch, fast food, sandwiches, salads and upscale dining.
    Section three covers ethnic fare, including Mexican, Italian, and several Asian cuisines. Pizza, that ubiquitous American fare, gets its own chapter.
  • All chapters in sections two and three offer a detailed portrait of the cuisine along with the how-tos of eating that cuisine healthier. Sample meals with nutrition information show how to assemble healthier meals. The nutrition snapshot sections of each cuisine chapter reveal the healthiest and not-so healthy menu options for each type of restaurant.

Eat Out, Eat Well does not contain the nutrition facts for an endless list of restaurant foods. Instead to ensure you always have up-to-date restaurant nutrition information at your fingertips, there’s a companion app, Eat Out Well—Restaurant Nutrition Finder from the American Diabetes Association.  

Whether you’re eating in a restaurant or ordering takeout, the strategies and practical advice you'll find in Eat Out, Eat Well and the nutrition information in the Eat Out Well companion app will turn restaurant eating from intimidating to doable.

Get the book online at ShopDiabetes.org or from my amazon a-store, at bookstores nationwide, or by calling ADA at 1-800-232-6733.


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