July 28, 2011

Recaps of American Diabetes Association Meeting, 2012

In late June I attended the 2011 American Diabetes Association's Scientific Sessions (meeting). As usual, a fascinating learning experience. Over the years this meeting has become one that attracts scientists and health care providers from all over the world. Many stimulating and thought provoking meetings go on as well as an opportunity to explore new products and resources in a chock-full exhibit hall.


Rather than recreating additional recaps of this meeting, I'm pointing you to two detailed debriefs I've wrote for PRESENTdiabetes.com, the online continuing education community for healthcare professionals for which I'm the nutrition section editor:


American Diabetes Association Meeting: Debrief Part One includes the latest research on obesity and insulin resistance as well as the debate about which is the bigger problem - beta cell mass or function, whether total calories or the quality of those calories is more important, summation of several program on a newer focus in diabetes - what's going on in the gut...and more. 


American Diabetes Association Meeting: Debrief Part Two includes data presented from the 4 year results of the Look AHEAD study in type 2 diabetes, what's happening in the CDC's National Diabetes Prevention Program initiative as well as updates on effective programs to intervene in people with prediabetes, the cost effectiveness data from the Diabetes Prevention Program (study)...and more.   


To link to more meeting recaps and highlights I point you to the American Diabetes Association:
- view a series of videos narrated by leading diabetes experts
- review a series of press releases about meeting highlights (read those from 6/21 to 6/28)


Want to read more of the e-zines I've written for PRESENTdiabetes.com, here's the link: http://presentdiabetes.com/ezines/index.php?section_id=13 to the 2011 ones. Click on the year to read NutriZines from 2009, 2010.


Enjoy learning!