November 29, 2012

Book Review: Behavioral Approaches to Treating Obesity: Helping Your Patients Make Changes That Last

This is one in a series of book reviews. You may find these books beneficial if you: manage prediabetes or diabetes, follow a diabetes meal plan and/or try to eat healthy to live well. These book reviews also appear on and the books can be found in my amazon a-store.  Please check them out and consider a purchase. 

Note: This book is geared to healthcare providers who help people make behavior changes. I’ve recently reviewed a similar book for healthcare providers Inspiring and Supporting Behavior Change: A Food and Nutrition Professional’s Counseling Guide

Behavior Change_ArnoldNo longer is it unusual to hear the term ‘obesity’ in our culture. While studies and books abound on the topic, Behavioral Approaches to Treating Obesity, Helping Your Patients Make Changes That Last, by experts Brigitta Adolfsson, PhD and Marilynn S. Arnold, MS, RD, have created an all-in-one resource and reference guide for healthcare providers (HCPs). 

Behavioral Approaches to Treating Obesity begins with an in depth overview of the dismal statistics about obesity in America. The authors proceed to cover the multi-factorial nature of weight gain. They also discuss the possible ‘solutions’ for obesity which include bariatric surgery, obesity medications and/or healthy lifestyle changes. 

Adolfsson and Arnold invite HCPs to view obesity from a different perspective…being open to every and all treatment modalities. In utilizing behavior change techniques for healthy lifestyle changes people make the decisions while the HCP interacts in a manner that supports the person’s well-being. 


Warshaw's article Dropping Pounds for Good published in Diabetic Living, Fall 2011 issue

Diabetic Living, Better Homes and Garden's special interest diabetes magazine, published Warshaw's article Dropping Pounds for Good in the Fall 2011 issue. This article answers the frustrating question of why weight returns once it is shed. The article goes on to detail actions that research has shown to be keys to success to keep lost pounds at bay for the long haul.

February 24, 2010

Weight Loss, Control: Expectations vs. Research-based Realities

In the era of the Biggest Loser, the ante for pounds to expect to loose per week has gone up, not that the number ever approached realistic, even before Biggest Loser. People have long had unrealistic expectations for weekly loss - 3, 5, 10 pounds - feed by overpromising diets. Simply AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN if you’re following a sane and sensible weight loss plan!

January 15, 2010

Make Weight Control Second Nature, Learn to Live Naturally Thin

Making Weight Control Second NatureYes, we’re once again in depths of the post holiday New Year's resolution ritural. And yes, the most common resolution is: lose those unwanted pounds – again or still. But, think - are you really ready to lose weight and do the daily work to keep off those unwanted pounds?

April 24, 2009

Two airline seats for overweight? Warshaw Weighs In

airline seatsThe news last week that several airlines are considering
charging overweight people for two airline seats evokes thoughts from me from two
extremes. On one end I work as a concerned and empathetic health care provider
to be sensitive to the challenges and struggles that overweight people face.
From the opposite end of the spectrum, still wearing my health care provider


Warshaw is editor for Summer 2008 On the Cutting Edge newsletter

Warshaw is editor for Summer 2008 issue of the On the Cutting Edge newsletter, published by Diabetes Care and Education, the diabetes subgroup of American Dietetic Association (link to website) on the timely topic: Prevention of Prediabetes and Type 2 Diabetes with Weight Management in Children and Adults. Read her Theme Editor Message.