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Warshaw Quoted in Ladies Home Journal, Sept '12 - Diabetes, Me?

Warshaw is quoted in article titled Diabetes, Me? in the September 2012 issue of Ladies Home Journal. The article focuses on raising women's awareness of and concern about prediabetes. Warshaw promotes early, agressive management of prediabetes to prevent progression to type 2. In the article she suggests to women that cutting back on sweetened drinks is a number one strategy to put into action.

Warshaw writes article on diabetes blogs to encourage diabetes educators to encourage people with diabetes to click on the Diabetes Online Community

Warshaw writes article titled Blogs, Blogging, Top Diabetes Blogs and More for AADE in Practice, the American Association of Diabetes Educators' practice magazine. In the article Warshaw encourages her diabetes educator colleagues and other health care providers involved with people with diabetes to encourage people to explore and engage in the Diabetes Online Community (DOC).

Warshaw quoted by WebMD in The Glycemic Index Diet

Warshaw is quoted as diabetes nutrition expert and author of Diabetes Meal Planning Made Easy by WebMD's Director of Nutrition Kathleen Zelman, RD in her story on The Glycemic Index Diet (low glycemic index). This story revisits the discussion on the value of using glycemic index for weight management and glucose control.

Warshaw quoted in USA Today Money Section story Taco Bell, other chains have deals on morning soft drinks

Warshaw quoted as nutrition expert and author of Guide to Healthy Restaurant Eating in USA Today Money section article by Bruce Horovitz titled: Taco Bell, other chains have deals on morning soft drinks. The article focuses on news that several fast food restaurants would begin pushing sugary drinks to start the day.

Warshaw quoted in "The Tan Sheet" (food Industry newsletter) on ConAgra's Qualified Health Claim Whole Grains and Diabetes Prevention

Warshaw is quoted as diabetes nutrition expert in article titled, ConAgra's Petition for Whole Grain/Diabetes Claim Draws Opposition, published in "The Tan Sheet", a food industry newsletter. The article focuses on ConAgra's recently filed petition for a Qualified Health Claim (QHC) for whole grains in the prevention of type 2 diabetes.

Warshaw member of Kellogg's Roundtable to develop solutions to Fill America's Fiber Gap, Publication July 2012 Journal Nutrition

Warshaw was a member of an eight-member Kellogg's sponsored roundtable charged with developing solutions to help Americans fill their fiber gap. Roundtable's findings are offered in a supplement of the Journal of Nutrition published July 2012, Filling America’s Fiber Intake Gap: Summary of a Roundtable to Probe Realistic Solutions with a Focus on Grain-Based Foods.

Warshaw quoted in USAToday Money on Girl Scouts Lending their Name to Nestle Candy Bars

Warshaw is quoted by Horovitz from USAToday Money section in story titled Girl Scout Candy Bars Coming to Retailers from NestleThe story details how the Girl Scouts of America are "selling" their name/brand to Nestle for use on a series of candy bars. Oh yes, you bet there will be a Thin Mint candy bar.

Warshaw Featured in ivillage Mother's Day Story with Health and Fitness Gurus

Warshaw is one of many "health and fitness gurus" featured in ivillage.com slide show about "What My Mom Taught Me about Health and Fitness." in honor of Mother's Day 2012. Check out slide #23. See Warshaw (standing), her mother (who's 86) and her sister (sitting down).

Warshaw's Tip #23 in ivillage story "40 No-Fail Diet Tips to Keep Your Resolutions on Track"

New Year's resolution story from ivillage, "40 No-Fail Diet Tips to Keep Your Resolutions on Track". Tip #23: If you have type 2 diabetes, track your fat intake, “To shed a few pounds, track and trim your fat grams. Use less salad dressing, butter/margarine, oil (any kind), mayonnaise, etc.