February 29, 2008

Skinny vs. Healthy - Warshaw's interview with www.diabetesmine.com

Skinny vs. Healthy

The following is the interview Amy Tenderich of diabetesmine.com, award winning blogger posted on 2/26/08

February 22, 2008

How low should blood glucose go?

How low should blood glucose go? Recent news from two large studies in people (~ 10,000 each) with type 2 diabetes—the ACCORD and ADVANCE trials—raised this question…yet again. Perspective is pertinent! It’s well known that managing type 2 diabetes is not only about blood glucose control. It’s also about treating blood pressure (goal: <130/80) and blood lipids (LDL: <100 or less) to into the healthy zone.

February 12, 2008

Read Eat Out, Eat Right, Not Eat This Not That

A new solve-all-your-food-problems guide and has quickly risen into to the top of the bestseller charts with the blizzard of the January weight loss frenzy. The title: Eat This, Not That by the editor of Men’s Health. Meanwhile the 3rd edition of the bestselling title Eat Out, Eat Right authored, once again, by yours truly is hot off the press.

Hope Warshaw